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My Fall Essentials + HOLY GRAIL jeans 33% off!

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I wanted to start off my first official blog post with my favorite thing [ever], FALL! If there are two things I love in this world it is fall and a good inspo collage. So i decided to round up my absolute go-to products I can't be without during the fall and share them with you. Hope you enjoy! 

1. THESE Sam Edelman riding boots are a STAPLE in my fall wardrobe. They're the perfect shade of cognac (my favorite color of boots to wear!) and so versatile. I can pair these with jeans and an oversized sweater, leggings and a tunic, or dress them up with tights and a dress. I will say though these do run a little small. I am usually a true 9 and had to get a 9.5 in these. These are also another one of my favs if you are wanting a black riding boot! 

2. This Free People Sweater is my favorite sweater.. EVER. This cream color is to die for and it is super soft. I ordered a size up because I like the oversized look. I love the neckline and that it is long enough to wear with leggings if I want to. Definitely get your hands on this if you can!

3. Okay... stop what you're doing right now and BUY THESE JEANS! They are on sale right now for 33% off! I know i know... still super expensive when you're a college girl on a budget like me.  But I will tell you right now they are worth every single penny. I only have one pair [so far] but I wear them religiously. These will instantly take 5 pounds off of your legs and are the most flattering denim i've everr tried. Seriously, they suck you IN.. go buy these!

4. Fall = COZY! A good house shoe is key for me during the holidays. And boy is THIS shoe comfy. We have polished concrete floors in our town home (super trendy, super coldddd!) so walking around in the mornings without these babies is a no-go. I love the hard bottoms on these so I can not feel like I am wearing socks when I take the pups outside in the mornings. 

5. This scarf is a fall staple in my closet. In my eyes, cheetah is a neutral. I wear this any time I want to add a pop of something a little different to an otherwise simple outfit. I love pairing this scarf with a simple top, dark jeans, and a black bootie. It's light enough that it is not too warm but can definitely be worn well into winter. I also have THESE booties and love adding them as a pop of something different. 

6. These black booties are so comfy and affordable. I wear these with practically everything and definitely are a fall essential in my closet. I love the stacked heel and suede material. Basically, I love everything about these lol

7. So something you'll learn about me is I have extremely dry skin and this moisturizer SAVES my skin, especially in the winter time when it gets extra-extra dry. I find this to be moisturizing enough that I can use it at night, but still light enough that I can put it on before I do my make up and it doesn't make my makeup slip and slide off my face. This is holy grail status for me. 

8. Last but not least is my favvv beauty product and absolute ESSENTIAL for fall.. dark lips. There is nothing [ok maybe a few] things that I love more than a dark, vampy lip in the fall/winter. Seriously, you should see my lipstick collection.. THIS liquid lip in 'Misconduct' is one of my very favorites for fall time. The Smashbox formula is hands down one of the best out there when it comes to staying power and not making your lips as dry as the Sahara. This shade is so flattering on every skin tone and just the right shade of deep plum for fall. I love pairing a bold lip with a simple eye look and really making the lips stand out. 

I hope you enjoyed my first official blog post. If you have any questions about any of the products I mentioned please leave it in the comments. Going to get a coffee now ;) xo, Kat


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